My daughter Sarah is 12 years old and has been a student for 6 years in the neighborhood visual art program, Arts In Action VAP, founded more than 25 yrs ago and led by Angela Tripi-Weiss. I can not say enough great things about Arts In Action VAP. It is one of the very best resources for families in our neighborhood. Angela is an exceptional teacher — one of those special teachers who makes a lasting difference in the lives of the young people (and parents) they work with. We are so grateful to have her program in our lives. I am also grateful that Arts In Action offers scholarships every year so more neighborhood students can experience the gifts of art education.
— Katherine W.
blind contour self portrait
Thank you for everything Angela. You were an essential piece of the puzzle. Muna would not be Muna without you.
— Shy K.
Plein Air Oil Pastel Drawing of Central Park
My now 10-yr-old daughter has been going to Arts in Action VAP for a few years, and it’s been exciting to watch her immense growth under the wonderful guidance of Angela and her team. The curriculum is comprehensive and challenging, and the students are deservedly proud of their work. They’ll often work on a multi-layered project over the course of many weeks or months, thereby absorbing crucial lessons about patience, commitment, and the joy of hard work. I can’t recommend this program enough!
— Andrea S.
Our first-grader is a fan of this program and so are we. His concentration and fine-motor skills have both improved since he started, and he is now much more excited about art (drawing, coloring, painting, sculpting) in general.
— Diane B.
Arts in Action VAP is a wonderful program for any child, whether interested in developing a professional portfolio and rigorous artistic skills or simply looking for a place to explore their inner voice and learn to relax through sketching, drawing and painting. Angela Tripi-Weiss has had a wonderful impact on our pre-teen who has casually mentioned to her friends how she goes to class to relax and have some time away from her cellphone! On the way to relaxing, Arts in Action VAP has also ensured that our daughter has a great portfolio for high school admissions.
— D.M.
Ink Drawing of of Still Life
Angela and the whole crew at Arts In Action are phenomenal. My seven-year-old son has been going there for after-school classes and summer camp for a couple years and he loves it. He’s also picking up great life lessons about patience, commitment and discipline. Highly recommended.
— Brendan McGeever

A wonderful art program! Our daughter has participated in both the summer and semester programs and loves it. A safe, creative space that allows her to explore and learn. We are amazed with what she has learned.
— Veronika W.
Acrylic Painting of a Landscape from a Photograph
We have had our 11 year old daughter enrolled in this art class for four semesters. Angela is a dedicated and patient teacher that encourages and challenges our daughter. This class is for students who are well disciplined. Angela expects students to be well behaved and work to their best ability each time they come into class. This atmosphere has served us well. I feel like my daughter is getting a great education in art without the unnecessary distractions by misbehaving children or students who do not want to really be there. Angela also has teaching assistants to help with the small class size. These assistants are well qualified in my opinion. I also appreciate the small student to teacher ratio. This allows for more one on one attention. This school is pricey, however, I feel for what you receive, it’s the best! Our daughter has learned a lot in reference to drawing, etc, but her patience has improved and she has learned to work hard and challenge herself. We are happy with her improvements in Art and work ethic.
— C.G.

My daughter went to Arts in Action as a 9-year-old and got the kind of care and serious attention that she was craving as a young artist. Last year she was back to prepare her portfolio. She worked on technique, created amazing pieces, had a great time, and got into her top three school choices, including La Guardia. This place is wonderful. I highly recommend it to kids who are serious about their art and want more than their local school can provide.
— Amy G.