Preschool / Pre-K Classes
Ages 3 through 5

We will be unfolding age appropriate levels of fine art concepts, and skills at every lesson in a fun and exciting way! Lines, Shapes, Colors & MORE!

Please note that every group we teach we view as unique. we customize our objectives and lessons based on the individual levels of each group, as well as each child's personal needs. I refer our curriculum as a "Living Curriculum" as it is always changing to meet the needs of our students.

You may have already read our pedagogy states we are a 27 year old, three time NYC Blackboard Awards winner for Excellence in Art Education. We teach process, not product. However product follows when concepts and skills are learned and begin to build on prior ones taught in all our classes. I have developed a unique sequential structured concept and skill development curriculum which seeks to empower it's students with a tactile, and verbal visual arts language employed by working fine artists.

We will be unfolding age appropriate levels of fine art concepts, and skills at every lesson in a fun and exciting way. We will have group lessons to discuss such concepts as…

What is a line? what happens when the line meets itself? what types of shapes can you think of?  Can you find these shapes in our studio? What happens when you take two simple shapes and place them together? What happens when you draw and smash 3 or more simple shapes together? What happens when you draw one simple shape in front of another simple shape..ect.

When line, and line quality have been thoroughly explored, we will move to color theory concepts. Each child will learn primary, to secondary to neutrals in different painting lessons. All colors used to paint in our classes will be mixed by each student from primary colors. After color theory concepts are explored we will explore three dimensional form in sculpture. What is the difference between the drawn circle, and the ball we just molded from clay in our hands? What is a three dimensional form? How do the concepts about line relate to three dimensional forms/ sculptures?

Since all art starts with the foundation of a line. We will start by teaching the first series of classes on the line, and line quality by exploring quality of line concepts in a fun way that fosters the connection between the lines we draw, and or paint, and how the lines we created express how we feel. We will discuss….

Silly sloping lines, happy hopping lines, sleepy slow lines, and etc...

Every lesson will be followed by a hands on experience of exploration.

In applicable lessons, we will choose an art based book from our library to read, and/or show examples of works of art to help reinforce what we have discuss which will become an informal art history component.

After our discussion, the children will explore in a variety of media while executing their interpretation of the objectives of each lesson they have learned. We will work on the same compositions for several sessions to the completions of the student’s art process.

We will explore a variety of 2 and three dimensional mediums which I, and my team will choose based on what we feel the group would enjoy, and be able to execute. We will explore a variety of sculptural mediums including potters clay as we have access to a kiln.