Parent Agreement/Terms and Conditions

I understand and agree:

  1. That this registration and payment is for the semester indicated above and that I shall not be entitled to any deduction for my child’s absences or illnesses during the semester; that in the event of my child’s withdrawal or suspension (see #5) from the Program after classes have started, I shall not be entitled to any refund of the balance of unused tuition, nor will I be entitled to transfer the balance of unused tuition to another child or semester payment. AIAVAP cannot issue refunds for classes my child did not attend due to other events, illness(es) and/or planned or unplanned school closings. AIAVAP generously offers up to 2 make up classes after each student's start date per semester.

  2. That if I request a refund (see #3), AIAVAP will not return the non-refundable $50 registration fee and will deduct $55 (cancellation fee) in addition to the class fee for the session(s) that my child attended.;

  3. To the AIAVAP REFUND POLICY: Requests for refunds must be submitted in writing to both the Program Director and the Registrar.

    1. Prior to the 14 days before the first day of scheduled class, the amount eligible for a refund includes the class tuition and materials fees paid (the $50 non-refundable registration fee and a cancellation fee of $55 are not eligible for refund)

    2. During the 2 weeks up to the start of the scheduled 1st day of class, IF AIAVAP is able to fill the spot within 24 hours, 100% of class fee and full materials fees paid are eligible for refund. If AIAVAP is unable to fill the spot in the class, then 75% of the total amount paid are eligible for refund within the 14 days prior to the start of the child's first class.

    3. After the 1st attended Class, 50% of total amount paid will be eligible for a refund.

    4. After the 2nd attended class, 25% of total amount paid will be eligible for a refund.

    5. After the 3rd attended class, no refunds are eligible.

    6. If AIAVAP must cancel a class due to under-enrollment, full refunds of class tuition and materials fee will be issued (less the fee(s) for the class(es) the child has attended and $50 non-refundable registration fee).;

  4. To AIAVAP’s class schedule. (calendar available at: AIAVAP does not exclusively follow either Public or Private School Calendars. AIAVAP generously offers 2 make-up classes per semester if your child has been absent for any reason. Make-up lessons for missed classes must be scheduled by written appointment at least one week in advance of your requested make-up class day. Make-up classes will be scheduled during classes only where space is available at the discretion of the Program Director. To schedule a make-up class, you must contact the Registrar by email at All make-up classes must be completed before the end of the semester.;

  5. That AIAVAP requires my child to meet certain standards of behavior and that if my child fails to behave or demonstrates repeated unsatisfactory conduct; the Program has the right to dismiss my child from the Program without reimbursement for the balance of any unattended classes for the duration of the semester enrolled.;

  6. That AIAVAP is not responsible for stains & damages to my child's clothing during class time. AIAVAP encourages parents & guardians to have children “dress for mess”;

  7. That if my child is not picked up by the scheduled end of class time, I will pay the lateness fee of $1 per minute. In the event that no AIAVAP staff member is available to supervise my child after 30 minutes after the scheduled end of class, my child will be left in Little Shop of Crafts (LSC) until I arrive. LSC staff will not be responsible for the supervision of my child.;

  8. That if my child is injured and requires medical attention and I (or the contacts I provided on the registration form) cannot be reached for instructions, I do hereby give authority to AIAVAP to obtain necessary emergency medical treatment for my child with the understanding that the family will be notified as soon as possible. I give permission for AIAVAP personnel to treat minor injuries on site.;

  9. That AIAVAP is not medically authorized to administer any medications to my child.;

  10. That AIAVAP reserves the right to modify the classes, change instructors or site as necessary, or to cancel the class if it does not meet enrollment requirements.;

  11. That during the class, my child may be photographed and/or videotaped by AIAVAP personnel or its authorized agents exclusively for internal and/or promotional use at any time presently or in the future.;

  12. That my child’s artwork produced during the AIAVAP classes, may be photocopied or copied using other methods to be used in publications and/or fundraising for AIAVAP without remuneration.;

  13. That if I don't pick up my child's portfolio of artwork after the end of this semester, and am not registering for the subsequent semester, it will be discarded after 3 months from the end of the semester s/he was enrolled in AIAVAP classes.;

  14. That any class may involve trips outside the building supervised by staff of the Arts in Action Visual Art Program. I give AIAVAP permission to take my child to go on any such trips organized as part of the Program, including (but not limited to) neighborhood parks, galleries, artist studios, museums and other schools;

  15. That AIAVAP's Fall Semester 10-week Portfolio PREP for 8th graders, and matting schedule is based on LaGuardia High School auditions. Selected works from my child's portfolio will be matted, and ready for presentation on LaGuardia's audition date. If my child needs her/his art matted for different school auditions before LaGuardia's audition dates, additional fees will apply, and it is my responsibility to inform AIAVAP of the alternate audition date. I will inform AIAVAP of this in writing and atleast 6 weeks in advance.;

  16. That participation in the Fall Semester 10-week Portfolio PREP for 8th graders does not guarantee my child's acceptance into his/her High School or College of choice. I also understand that the 10 week Portfolio PREP class is not intended for child to produce the 11 or more required art pieces for Portfolio Audition(s).;

  17. That AIAVAP is a Nut & Sugar free environment & will not send my child to class with these food items. AIAVAP strongly suggests that your child not consume foods containing nuts and sugars before the start of class for the health and safety of our staff and other students;

  18. That in consideration of allowing my child to participate in AIAVAP, I hereby release and forever discharge AIAVAP and Little Shop of Crafts and its officers, volunteers, employees, contractors and agents from any liability arising out of or based upon any bodily injury or property damage which may be sustained by my child while participating in such program.;

  19. That each parent/guardian must notify AIAVAP by phone (917) 741-2297 when their child will not be attending class at least 24 hours in advance, or in the event of a last minute emergency, as soon as you are aware of the intended absence. AIAVAP will not be held responsible for children who are not in attendance in the classroom or at their after-school pick-up place.

  20. That these terms of agreement listed above will be applicable for August 1, 2019 through August 31, 2020.