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The focus of Art Camp will be to study the great masters by visiting an art museum and viewing specific works on display.

After these visits, we will:

1. Learn a bit about each artist’s background to incorporate an art history component, and sketch the art they view while at the museum in their very own sketchbooks.  

2. Discuss the focus each artist had, and how she/he created the work of art.

3. Encourage, and guide each camper to reinterpret the work of art they have studied using various approaches. Each child will create their own vision of what the artist was trying to express, and how the camper felt about what they saw.

4. Open up the possibility of reinterpreting two dimensional works of art using three-dimensional approaches, and vice versa.

5. Explore how the artist used his/her media to express their vision, and visual story.

6. Learn some of the techniques that the artist used.

7. Go to Central Park to create Plein Air observational studies in various materials.

8. Create wearable-art T-shirts and hats.

9. Mostly, we will have fun discovering who we are through our creative process in a safe and supportive environment as a family of artists.

Art Camp creates an opportunity for tween, and teen campers to develop their portfolios for entry into specialized ART HIGH SCHOOLS like LaGuardia High School.

Ages will be 5 through 14, with no more than 14 campers per group.

Staff will consist of a Teaching Artist in Residence, with BFA in fine art and/or education background, and a high school, or college level education Intern per group.


Arts in Action VAP's Fine Art Summer Camp  takes place at our beautiful sunny studio in the Upper West Side. Each session includes weekly trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where we will discuss, sketch and be inspired by master paintings and sculptures! Back in the studio we will create our own works of art while learning the skills that working artists use in their own fine art.
Arts In Action Visual Art Program, Inc.™ (AIAVAP) is a non-profit 501c3 organization that provides a unique, sequentially-structured art education program using a visual language that all fine artists learn to communicate through. Since 1987, Program Director, Angela Tripi-Weiss, has spearheaded non-profit art programs that empower children. Ms. Tripi-Weiss, three-time Blackboard Awards winner, has been called "one of the best visual educators in Manhattan...a tour de force" and directed Arts in Action at P.S. 87 in Manhattan for 18 years.

Arts in Action Visual Art Program, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation. (Fed. ID 56-2322737)

Camp is held at the AIAVAP Teaching Studio located within Little Shop of Crafts:
711 Amsterdam Avenue (Northeast Corner of 94th Street)
Teaching Studio Phone # (917) 741-2297

CAMP CALENDAR: Monday-Thurs 1:00-4:30 (No camp on Fridays)

Session #1

Session #2

Session #3

Session #4

June 30 ~ July 10

July 14 ~ 24

July 28 ~ August 7

August 11 ~ 21


One Session: $800 Two Sessions: $1500 Three Sessions: $2200 Four Sessions: $2900

Registration fee (non-refundable fee is applicable for one year): $60 per student

Material/ Museum Admission/ Snack/ Transportation fee: $85 per student

Lateness fee: $30 (per 20 minutes after end of class time) Returned check fee: $35

Payment Plan (must be approved by program director): $30 processing fee: 2nd check post-dated 30-days later max.

Sibling Discount: 5% off camp fee only

Arts in Action VAP, Inc. reserves the right to cancel any sessions due to under enrollment. Full refunds will be given and notice given before each session begins.

Total due is payable by check, cash, money order or credit card. Make checks payable to "Arts in Action VAP, Inc"

Registration Form ( following 2 pages) and checks may be mailed to: Arts in Action VAP, c/o Schmidt, 711 Amsterdam Ave #10G, New York, NY 10025

Online registration and payments:

Questions about registration and payments: contact Registrar, Jackie Du: (347) 471-0841